Dreams, the stuff that life is made of; I believe in dreams and I believe in dreamers. Don't be afraid to push the envelope here... God is the ultimate dreamer and when he dreamed he spoke the world into existence! We are created in his image and possess the same creative powers in our dreams! I would suggest that if you are a believer, the dreams that you have were deposited in your spirit by God himself! The problem is that to many of us have given up on our dreams and have "settled" for what life has presented. I challenge you to dust off your dream and go for it! Dreams are what makes life worth living! Almost seven years ago God spoke to me and to my dear friend Keith Smith a word that has revolutionized my life...DREAM, Discipline, through Relationships, Education and Mirrors.
Discipline, this speaks to the root of the word, disciple. We should all seek to mentor others and to be mentored by someone in all areas of our lives. Relationships, how are your relationships with those who are closest to you? Education, are you consistently teaching others what you have received, and are you learning from those around you? Mirrors, when you wake up every morning and look in the mirror, does your life reflect those higher qualities that we all seek? The bible says that where there is no dream, people die, emotionally, spiritually, physically. We are called, you were birthed to be a dream maker! Learn to persevere! Learn how to win! Learn how to handle winning! Learn how to help others win! Let's change our world!


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