Grace is a concept that is unique to Christianity. It is the most difficult idea for the human mind to grasp. Grace is divine. It is the all powerful giving up power to save the powerless! It is the innocent taking the place of the guilty. It is the only thing that can redeem the broken and hopeless. Grace came down and rescued us from the consequences that we brought upon ourselves. Grace does not excuse the guilty, or endorse their wrongdoing; instead, grace sees our weakness and meets us at the point of our need giving to us not what we deserve, but what we so desperately need. It is a concept that is so foreign to the human mind that is hard wired to think in terms of performance based living. Grace sees the best in us, calls to the best in us, and provides the strength for us to rise to the best in us. Grace is a gift. A gift that we can choose to receive or reject. Grace rejected, leaves a person bitter, wounded and alone. Grace received leaves a person, free to live, love and pursue the best of themselves. Grace is found only in Jesus Christ, and my prayer is that if you have not received grace, wherever you are, you will open your heart and reach out to the one who gave all for you. If you have experienced grace, my prayer is that you will become a champion of grace giving it freely to all those around you. Grace equals pardon to the guilty, a pardon that is free to the recipient but comes at a great cost to the giver. Grace is the only hope to save the world.


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